Senior Backend Engineer

Berlin, Germany



As a VC-­backed startup based in Berlin, Clue is on a mission to advance the state of menstrual and reproductive health.

We reach over 10 million people every month via our Android and iOS apps, helping them track data about their bodies, and gain insights into their health. Our website,, is filled with a vast array of articles on the topic of menstrual health, helping to close the global knowledge gap on these topics. We also further our mission by publishing the outcomes of our scientific research in conjunction with top universities and institutes.


Our backend is deployed as a growing array of microservices, running in Kubernetes on AWS, largely written in TypeScript, though Kotlin is also part of the mix. A few other technologies of choice include Postgres, GitHub, Jenkins and Slack.

We’re constantly working to improve our infrastructure to meet new scalability requirements, streamline development, improve our operations and -- last but not least -- develop powerful new data analysis features.

Your role would be to evolve, maintain and develop new features for our backend and infrastructure with a dedicated, cross-functional team of skilled engineers, product owners, and data scientists.

With an eye for detail, and a preference for well-tested code, you will have shared ownership of our codebase, infrastructure, and documentation.



At Clue, we offer everyone a competitive salary and participation in our all-employee option pool. We believe in providing our team with little extras that are high quality and meaningful. For example, we currently give everyone opt-in access to free private sessions from a qualified professional coach on a weekly basis, have plenty of healthy snacks and a fancy coffee machine. We also offer free yoga classes once per week and have two team catered meals per week.

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